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7 Instagram Hacks That will Change Your Life in 2019

Hack Instagram

Instagram provides you the stage to carefully showcase your life with attractive images and shiny filters. Instagram is often a highlight roll of everyone experiences and the best moments get scripted, developed, captured.

Hack 1: How to get verified on Instagram:

To get verified on Instagram you must follow four requirements:

  • One you have to be authentic so your account must represent a real person, so you are a listed business or entities
  • If you have a shop or other things you have to be unique because you can’t have five different accounts with you merely one account for one person or business may be verified.
  • If you have an Instagram account and even a fake account, you can’t get both verified it should be like the main account.
  • Your profile should look complete with a profile picture and a bio, and you need to post at least one photo on your profile something that conveys like add me with links to other social media.
  • Another thing is you must be notable so your profile must represent a well known remarkably explored.

Request Verification:

To ask for verification, you must open your settings and go into your account and then tick on request verification then it will ask your username and your full name with what your name is known as in the Instagram. It will ask for what type of account you have, and then you have to enclose your photo and a copy of your driving license or even photo ID.

Hack 2: How to Download all Your Profile Content

  • Download all your pictures from Instagram that you have ever posted like download all of the photos with all the new updates.
  • Open your Instagram profile first and then click on the three lines which on the top right corner and then open settings.
  • In settings open privacy and security and then click on download data so you will acquire a copy of what you have shared previously on Instagram. They will email you the link which contains photos, comments, profile information and more in 48 hours.

Hack 3: How to Get More Engagement

  • A hack is a program that you can acquire a number of followers and engagement, even likes on Instagram.
  • Use a service explode social, actually what the service does is in order to acquire more number of followers and more engagement is it goes and targets followers of other accounts that are same like your accounts or particular accounts you select to customize, and it engages with their photos and profiles and even engages with your fans.
  • An Instagram community needs you to engage with each other the more you connect, and therefore you will gain more likes which will get your profile viewing more and more people will then follow your profile. Instagram favors you to achieve more engagement on your respective post within two or three hours. Engaging in a genuine thing like engaging with others on Instagram.

Hack 4: How to ask questions?

Instagram today added a new feature of asking questions on your Instagram stories where other people will respond to your questions. You can ask people for music recommendations.

Take a picture and go to stickers which contain questions then open that and then click on the music symbol and type like what’s your favorite song and even you can change the color of the text.

Hack 5: The custom font on your Instagram stories

  • You have to browse the website named coolsymbol.com and click on fancy text then you can opt for any style of text that you need to apply for your text.
  • Then you can customize like you can opt for black bubble and a little barcode then copy and go to your Instagram page and paste the text.
  • Also customize your Instagram stories highlights to get engaged your audience with stylish and beautiful Instagram Highlights Cover, Icons and Templates.

Hack 6: Animated text on Instagram stories

Use the app called Hype to animate the text and enter the text you need to animate as there is various sort of animations. You can select which is nice and straightforward and can post on your Instagram.

Hack 7: Invisible Hashtags

  • Explore that hashtags make posts more discoverable and even stories also.
  • People who view your stories will likely follow your profile if they like them.
  • Type the hashtag and make them so small. You can apply color to the hashtag and check the color of the surroundings and depending on that apply to the hashtag because the hashtag should be visible and that depends on the color you use.

Few tips related to Instagram:

  • Perform regular updates since if you don’t update the Instagram, then you will be not able to view the latest updates. Check it every week regarding updates.
  • Change to a business account so that you can gain access to more Instagram hacks and features.
  • Watch what others perform and follow other people on Instagram because they frequently share their Instagram hacks, favorite functions, and tools.