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How internet affected Marketing Strategy

Ever since the creation of the internet, much has changed within this technological realm. The use of the internet has significantly increased all over the world; nowadays, connection speed and quality have improved as well as interactivity and visual aesthetics of interfaces. The industry has grown astronomically, and has gathered immense experience regarding online consumer behavior. This evolution led to radical changes in marketing. In fact, the evolution and proliferation of mobile technology gave retailers the unprecedented opportunity to reach potential customers at anytime and anywhere. This generated an entirely new environment for competition. Since the impact of the internet, time cycles of marketing, segmentation and targeting have completely changed. By changing the way people buy, the internet has changed marketing.

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Due to these advances, businesses have had to adapt, and change the way they used to market themselves; to stay in business they had to take advantage of the latest technology and consumers’ shopping habits. The Internet has changed the way we live our lives, from how we connect with each other to how we purchase our products. Online shopping allowed people to buy whatever they want  from the comfort of their home; not only that, it also allowed them to access all the information they need and research before purchasing. Customers can search for sales and best deals, like shapewear sale shapewear clearance, from their phones.

How the internet changed Marketing?


Nowadays you don’t need to be an expert in coding to create a website. Tools have evolved to the point that any business can communicate with its audience and display their services or products through the internet. Research found that 81% of shoppers use the internet to research products before making a purchase. If a company doesn’t own a website, its target audience won’t find out about them, and will turn to the competition. Consumers have become lazy, and want business to provide all the information possible in a matter of seconds, instead of having to walk from store to store or looking down the yellow pages. Therefore, it is important to invest in web designs, to make them compatible with mobiles and other platforms, so that your website can be viewed at any moment and anywhere.


When shoppers do their research online for any product or service, they often read or watch the reviews posted online. Research shows that 61% of consumers read or view product reviews before deciding whether or not to buy it. Reviews can be found in multiple places, like websites that sell the product or service (both the seller´s actual website and a third-party site, like Amazon), impartial reviewer’s sites, social media, blogs and YouTube.
Shoppers spend more time looking at reviews than looking at the product on the seller’s website.


E-commerce websites have transformed the way we shop. Without the internet, we wouldn’t be able to order products online, like we actually do, without leaving the comfort of our homes. We can even find better prices than at the brick and mortar store.
The internet has even made it possible for businesses to sell their products or services without owning a physical shop; they can just sell through the web, avoiding the cost of any store. Through the website, businesses can reach people from all over the globe; they are no longer geographically restricted like before. In addition, if they choose to, they can sell and solve customers’ enquiries 24/7.


Ever since the invention of Google AdWords (in 2000), advertising your business has never been easier by reaching their target audience based on the keywords they searched for and the websites they visited. Nowadays businesses can place their adverts on social media networks, apps, music streaming services (like Spotify) and on devices (like Kindle Fire).
The internet made it possible to target potential clients by analyzing consumers’ demographics and behavior, websites they visited, products they searched for, and more.

Social Media

This is also a great medium that allows businesses to connect with their audience, communicate the brand message and sell their product or services. They are also extremely helpful for solving the clients’ ́enquiries or problems without them having to make a phone call or send an email. It is also a great way to make your business look good if it is handled correctly.

Email marketing

Email marketing allows businesses to let customers know about their special offers, encourage them to leave reviews, introduce them to new products / services, share tips to get the maximum out of a product, make personalized recommendations based on previous purchases or researches, and even invite them to events.


Analytics made a huge difference in marketing, for they allow to track consumers activities and habits; therefore, businesses can identify which areas to improve.