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Understanding Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

When you first create a website for your business, you are presented with a range of choices. Besides selecting the features of the website, you also need to be specific on your choice of hosting services. The fact that there are multiple options available, picking one could be a gruesome task.

However, given that a business requires a great deal of security, better performance and round the clock maintenance, a fully Managed Cloud Server Hosting solution seems the best fit.

In case, you are wondering what exactly this hosting solution means, then this article is an ideal read. Here, we draft a detailed description of what fully Managed Cloud Hosting is and why is it an excellent option to host your website.

Defining The Term – Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

A fully Managed Cloud Hosting solution is a scenario where all of the organization’s resources, right from the hardware tools to the software installed and the databases running are hosted over an isolated network through different servers that are located in a different location. This implies that the entire organizational infrastructure is moved to a remote network and all of the employees need to share and access data via the cloud.

What makes a fully Managed Cloud Hosting from other solutions is the fact that:

  1. When companies opt for fully Managed Cloud Hosting, the server space needs to be purchased in lots or to put it this way, leaders need to buy virtual servers. Conventional hosting enables buying servers on an ad hoc basis adopting the pay as you use model, however with fully Managed Cloud Hosting this is not the case. Here, organizational leaders need to purchase or buy it on a lease for a month or for a predetermined time and then renew it accordingly.
  2. Another difference is that with fully Managed Cloud Hosting, the host need not worry about the server downtime or the issues related to software glitches. As you sign up for fully Managed Cloud Hosting, you are entitled to receive support and guidance from experts, and they would take care of all the software and hardware maintenance needs.

So, if you have a huge business running and you are not a tech expert, a fully Managed Cloud Hosting solution would be the best fit for your business.

Features Of Managed Cloud Hosting

By now, it is evident that a Managed Cloud Hosting solution is a better place to invest both in terms of money and time. Here, we see what additional features it provides:

1. 24/7 Availability

The first and the foremost is round the clock availability of servers. Managed Cloud Hosting solution is tailored to map the needs of the consistent availability of servers. Being backed by SAN and other servers, the level of redundancy is lowered, in a way improving the availability.

2. Load Balancing

The fact that all of the organizational resources are hosted over multiple servers, in case either of them stops working, the load can be transferred to another server and likewise shared. This creates an impression that your organizational operation would never stop, instead work endlessly without being obstructed.

3. No Technical Knowledge Required

With fully managed hosting solutions for cloud, the managers need not be a software expert to install, run and maintain resources over the cloud. The entire job of managing, monitoring and executing backend operation is done by the hosting service provider.

4. Cost-effective

True that fully managed hosting solutions don’t incorporate pay as you use model, instead mandate buying servers for a long time. Though this might appear to be a costly affair in the initial phase, yet with time, it appears to be the best for your business. The fact that your business might have huge traffic, maintain and balancing load is a must, and this provides you exactly the same. Also, the support and guidance from experts save the cost of hiring employees for server management needs. All in all, fully managed hosting solution benefits in the long run.

5. Highly Secured

Apparently, one of the most important and influential features. The security of all the organization’s data is of paramount importance. While few hosting solutions seem vulnerable, fully managed hosting, on the other hand, deploys data centres that are minimal risk of cyberattacks. Under no circumstances is the safety and privacy compromised and you can rest assured that hosting on a fully managed cloud safeguards all information.

Final Word

In a nutshell, fully Managed Cloud Hosting is one that offers end to end hosting solutions while keeping all of the data locked and protected. Also, money is not an issue considering the feature-set provided by the same. Above all, the hosted resources are monitored throughout the day, ensuring that everything is working fine and there are no glitches or errors. Reliable support and 24/7 assistance, fully Managed Cloud Hosting is an answer to all your hosting needs.