Power of Qualified Content

What Do Marketers Do in 2020?

A great thing we have today is that most of the marketing strategies can be used for large and small firms. It can be hard to manage everything that is happening that impacts how you advertise your service or product but that is the only way to keep up with your competition. New technologies are the biggest influence on how we run our business and adapting to them can only improve your company.

Companies gather more details about their users so the targeting is at its peak which also has negative reactions because people think that websites and some tech products use the information they are not allowed to use. There are new regulations now and everyone has an option to delete every data about them. If you ask a professional marketer for advice, they would tell you that having an agency use your information to promote certain products to you can only benefit you because it helps you get to what you need.

Focus on Every Customer Individually

User data has been collected for many years and used to target the right audience but with new regulations we have today, it is more difficult to do so. If your clients allow you to keep this information and store it, you have a perfect way to remarket and advertise your products. You probably noticed that some people assume their mobile phone is listening to what they are saying. The idea behind it is partially true.

The reason why you noticed ads about something that you were talking about is that you allowed a certain application in your phone to use your microphone and other features. By doing this, you accepted a process for providing information and access to your data. This data can’t be used for negative purposes and can be deleted at any point. Even if these companies have every piece of information they need, execution needs to be improved in the near future.

Social Influencer Marketing

When influencers first came to the spotlight, they were already celebrities that are earning extra money by promoting a certain product. The problem is that they might not connect to it and the audience chooses not to buy it so something that will be used more is the same strategy but with smaller social media accounts or people with following that will be interested in buying the merchandise. Click here to read more.

The reason to do that doesn’t only involve spending less money on promotion but it’s because more than 90% of people trust other consumers and if that person with a larger following truly loves it, the return on investment can be huge. The majority of startups prefer this way instead of PPC or other ways of marketing. The influencer market is growing and will be the main focus of many big companies.

Streaming Videos

When it comes to digital marketing, using videos was a must in the past few years but because we have now better connections and faster streaming platforms, it is the best way to focus your audience. For example, the gaming industry is booming and many records have been broken in 2019.

Millions of people watch the live stream of popular gamers. Even if they are younger clients, they still are great consumers. If you don’t have an option or idea what to stream, you can support these people which are usually close to the tech industry. It’s important to mention that gaming isn’t the only big market that uses these platforms so there is an opportunity for everyone to boost their product or service.

AI and Smart Bots

There will be much discussion in 2020 about artificial intelligence and if it can be dangerous for us because many people will lose their job because of it. Something that is in the expansion is the use of chatbots that can work as your customer service agent or as a marketing tool. Everything depends on your needs and how it is programmed. The state they are today isn’t perfect and there is a lot to be improved so the customer can have a great experience.

Read more about it here: https://adage.com/article/digital/marketers-betting-bots/309767

We all use smart technology without even noticing sometimes like voice search on our phone or other gadgets that can respond to us. People still notice that they are not talking to a real person because there aren’t any details and the mistakes they make come in the repeated form. This means that your bot might not have an answer to one question and will always give the same response to it.

If you want to implement artificial intelligence into your business, make sure you do it right and with the right people. There are many versions online you can buy now but the quality can very bad. Once these bots are able to make their own decisions, many people in customer service and marketing departments will lose their job because they have a better and cheaper option. Of course, there will be a need for supervisors that will jump in if something goes wrong.

Interactive Content

The majority of consumers are now looking for interactive content online. This includes quizzes, polls, 360-degree videos and shoppable posts. There are many other examples and the one you choose will depend on the industry you are in. It is a new way of making people engage with your brand and possibly make a purchase. It is also a way to build trust among your users when you show that you are working on engagement with them.

Another benefit is that the user can save money and buy instantly if they like something. For example, you can find posts on Instagram that are one click away from the shopping cart. Some companies use polls and simple questions to get information out of their visitors which is later used to target that audience. There will be many changes in the upcoming years because technology is improving very fast. If you don’t have the time to stay updated because you run an agency, make sure you hire the right firm to do your marketing.