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Why Is Managed Hosting Expensive And Should You Go For It?

As the needs of website management change, so does its need for web hosting. And with web hosting types like cloud hosting and VPS hosting, such evolved needs of maintaining and managing modern-day websites, are easily met. Cloud hosting itself is quite an advanced system of hosting sites and offers a high-end tech architecture that can support the rising volumes of data sourced on websites today, along with keeping the hardware, software, and other resources at par with the latest innovations. However, as is the case with many advanced systems, cloud hosting also needs to be managed well. That is why there are managed hosting services available for site owners to choose from. It is nothing but a streamlined way of managing the daily server operations and ensuring that your site performs optimally. And because there is an extra effort on the hosting provider’s part, there is a nominal cost involved. Now, one might wonder why they have to pay extra for such services when they are already paying for the hosting.

The answer is simple. Web hosting is a full-time job and requires time, effort, dedication, and necessary resources, which you might or might not be able to dispose of at all times. With managed services, you can sit back and not worry about the daily legwork and focus on other critical aspects of your business. With managed hosting, you can also expect the hosting provider to go that extra mile beyond the routine tasks and handle other server activities like installing or upgrading an application, scanning for threats, and ensuring the site speed is on point, and so on.

If you are still unsure if managed hosting is worth the extra buck, then here are a few more points in details that will help you understand the concept better.

Better Security

While you might have a security system in place for your site, managed hosting ensures that it runs properly. Your hosting provider also includes cloud-based security tools that can scan your system all day long and check for any threats, and at the instant, there is one, the tools flag it, so the admin can do the needful. Also, with a managed service, you might get the added service of disaster management, in case there is any loss of data or other failures.

Automatic Backup

You might think that anyone can take site backups. While it may be true at the initial stages of the business, it becomes a cumbersome process when the website expands, data increases, and the number of users grows. With a managed hosting service, you can avail of their automatic daily site backups of all server assets and data, so you do not have to worry about losing any of it any time.

24X7 Support

Not every site owner is a tech expert, and for that, there are professionals. In managed hosting, you are assigned an account/technical manager, who will take care of the daily site management, troubleshooting all glitches as and when they occur, and also address any query from you at any time of the day. This ensures that your site runs smoothly, and you can dedicate yourself to developing your business.

Summing up…

A well-managed and maintained website is critical to its best performance. And if that comes for an extra cost, then it is completely worth the results that you will get.